What is Involving Leadership?

Involving Leadership (IL) is a structured process and a number of leadership measures that secure active engagement from leaders and key-employees in the preparation and execution of concrete strategic initiatives.

How is Involving Leadership different?

  • IL presupposes that the organisation has the right competencies and the correct know-how within its leaders and employees
  • IL assumes that the organisation itself does know what it takes, but are either not aware of it or have not been successful in getting this knowledge out in the open
  • IL presupposes that the leaders and employees of the organisation have the greatest knowledge about the business and as such have the best insights on the customers and the market, insights that naturally no consultants can have
  • ILs task is therefore to procure the right surrounding and circumstances to ensure that leaders and employees are involved, use their knowledge and take ownership to the implementation
  • In this way the work is embedded amongst those leaders and employees who have to complete it and the feeling of ownership will ensure that the implementation starts immediately