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A New Vision for Alk-Abelló A/S

In 2004, ALK-Abelló was lacking a guiding star – a vision – for the evolution of the company in a ten year perspective towards 2014. Management also needed someone from outside to inspire and target the vision progression. As soon as Claus got on the team, the starting signal went off, and during a two day external session for top management, the first important steps were laid for the future success of ALK-Abelló. ”We moved to an external venue. We locked the doors, sat down, and started to discuss and create images of our future vision under the very competent guidance of Claus. The management seminar with Claus was an exceptionally inspiring event. What we initiated that weekend has turned out to be of major importance to the company”, says Jens Bager, CEO of the global pharmaceutical corporation. The tangible result of the seminar was the idea of a vision from top management. Next step was to disseminate the vision to all our subsidiaries, management teams, and key personnel. All were asked to relate to the vision in the context of their own future prospects.

“Claus was also responsible for this roll out comprising more than 15 vision seminars around the world, with intensive work and valuable feedback. “Sitting in your ivory tower creating a vision is one thing – what really matters is the attitude of all the individual team members across the board. That’s the reason that it’s been crucial to get the whole company going on this process. During the summer of 205, we staged our annual management summit for all our subsidiary executives and other key profiles. In this session we followed up on all the input from the seminars, and actually adjusted our vision on several accounts. Today we have a clear vision which is founded in the whole of the organization and is thus an important factor in unifying the company, says Jens Bager.

Successful Deployment of the Vision

Jens Bager tells us just how exciting it’s been for him to monitor Claus’ work in the various departments and subsidiaries. A good example is in R&D, where the mission is to develop new effective products for the future benefit of sufferers of allergy.

“Claus has been working to create greater business understanding for our researchers and other specialists, to ensure that our research objectives are in sync with our overall business goals, says Jens Bager, and underlines the fact that turning into vision into tangible actions has been imperative to him. To obtain this, and ensure the continued growth and profits of our company, it is necessary for each and every member of our staff to live their professional life by our vision.”

“The ability to make visions and strategy operational is one of Claus’ greatest strengths. Apart from being a visionary man who builds enthusiasm and is able to think long-term in an abstract manner, his feet still remains firmly planted on the ground. He is perfectly conscious that the purpose of our vision process is to increase profits for our shareholders, thus enabling us to invest in the future, in R&D, and eventually benefit all allergy patients across the world.

Claus is not a run-off-the-mill theoretical consultant. Claus has an interesting background as CEO and experienced leader, and it’s been very valuable for me to have him by my side.

Open and honest dialogue creates results

“Being a CEO can be a somewhat lonely position, lacking people to play ball with. In Claus, I have found a peer, who does not cover up his views, but is always open and honest. This tit for tat attitude means that together we can really move forward.” Jens Bager continues, “Claus’ level of energy is amazing, and together with his lighthearted ways, his presence is a contributing factor in creating a dynamic and open environment, vital to the success of a vision process. For this reason it is a great pleasure for me to continue the cooperation with Claus. The next step in the collaboration is for Claus to follow up on the action plans we made all over the organization, the plans being a vital element in our vision process. The vision and the plans are now going to work for us in all corners of ALK-Abelló, and Claus is going to help us to achieve excellent performance.”

Jens Bager, CEO, Alk-Abelló A/S

Jens Bager, CEO, Alk-Abelló A/S

About ALK-Abelló

Pharmaceutical corporation ALK-Abelló develops and produces products for diagnosis, prevention and cure of allergies. Headquartered in Denmark, 2006 revenues amounted to Euro 200 Millions, and there were 1300 employees distributed among departments in Denmark, and subsidiaries in the rest of Europe, USA and China. ALK-Abelló is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and has a market cap of approximately Euro 1.8 Billions.