Bavarian Nordic

Working with Claus Erik Christoffersen as an inspirational vision and strategy facilitator, as well as organizational troubleshooter.

From day one in my position as CEO of Bavarian Nordic, I was in the operational seat of running the business, delivering the goods to fulfill major contracts, as well as continuing and leveraging the transformation of BN from a biotech startup into a “real” biotech industry.

Although thriving in my new role, I also realized that Claus Erik Christoffersen could become a valuable instrument and supplement to my very competent management team to help us reach our own ambitious goals, as well as meeting the expectations.

Vision and Strategy Facilitation

Having worked closely with Claus in several previous assignments, I know what I can expect from him acting as a facilitator, in terms of lasting results produced in a very short time. And Claus has never let me down. From the beginning of our relationship he made his mark in as an excellent catalyst in the process of creating visions, strategies, and ambitious; yet obtainable objectives.

On top of that, Claus enforces the fact that forming visions and strategies is only part of becoming successful – the single most important element of thriving leadership is the determination and ability to execute. In this area Claus’ no nonsense approach is second to none.

When conducting his Vision & Strategy Seminars for top management, Claus has often demonstrated an uncanny ability to familiarize himself with new and complex strategic challenges and issues, thus enabling him to act as an excellent sparring partner for the management team. By instinct, Claus knows when to dig in deep at a crucial moment to provoke events or mediate to reach a conclusion, and when to pull out and leave it to the participants to accomplish the task."

Anders Hedegaard, CEO, Bavarian Nordic

Anders Hedegaard, CEO, Bavarian Nordic


The visions process ran over a month including preparation and led to the top management (15 people) agreeing on the vision based on the discussion they were lead to have. They saw the good consequences of a free externally led dialogue.