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Change Management at FOSS A/S

“Claus has been an important catalyst for the development of visions and management in our sales companies in Germany and North America”, says Peter Foss, CEO of FOSS A/S

New Business Spirit and Drive

Working as an interim executive in Foss’ German subsidiary, Claus managed to perform a striking turn of the tide. FOSS A/S, a Euro 168 Million business with 1,000 plus employees around the world, had a number of challenges in their German sales subsidiary. In the words of CEO Peter Foss: “The 55 employees had encountered a shortfall of leadership for quite some time, the motivation was scarce, and the whole organization seemed to be somewhat back-pedaling. This scenario pressurized us to call on the duties of Claus Erik Christoffersen. We employed him as a part time interim CEO of our Hamburg based sales subsidiary. In the course of the 5-6 months Claus resided on the post, he managed to gather the organization from a very low level of motivation and succeeded to create a new forward-looking and positive attitude. It was an excellent piece of work”, says Peter Foss.

Vision and Strategy Processes in North America and Germany

In parallel with the interim executive post in Germany, Claus was handed the task of carrying out a vision and strategy process with the newly formed management team in Foss’ North American sales subsidiary. “It was about creating a positive dialogue within the group of people, to make certain that all managers were able to make themselves heard, and make an impact in the team. Another key point was to create an atmosphere of optimal and goal-oriented cooperation in the group. Claus succeeded in staging a short course of events that completely met the demands of our group headquarters,” Peter Foss emphasizes. Lately, he has assigned Claus to perform a strategy process in the German sales company. His task is to help the newly appointed CEO to encourage the management team to set ambitious goals and focus one hundred percent to fulfil the FOSS’ German ambitions.

The Unique Skills of Claus Erik Christoffersen

There are several reasons that Peter Foss is pleased with the continued cooperation with Claus. “Claus has a combination of deep experience-based business understanding, and a well-developed talent for the execution of organizational processes. This combination is rarely found among consultants. He is extremely capable in the art of creating dialogue with and between people from all levels of the organization, and he stimulates peace of mind surrounding him. In a canny way, he also picks up warning signs from people around him, and he uses them in his working process to create results.” Peter Foss concludes: “Bringing these competences into play, Claus has been an important vehicle in the forming of visions and our development process – so far in our sales companies in Germany and North America”.

Peter Foss, CEO FOSS A/S

Peter Foss, CEO FOSS A/S


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