ISS France

Revitalization and Teambuilding for 43.000 employees

Claus Erik Christoffersen was requested by COO at the time (now CEO) Jeff Gravenhorst of the ISS concern management, to help the teambuilding of the organisation consisting of 43.000 employees in France.

As a preliminary to the revitalization/teambuilding it was decided that Claus Erik Christoffersen was to carry out an interview based analysis of the group of leaders in ISS France to gether valuable information to create foundation for the phase of teambuilding.

The goal was to talk to representatives of all business-units and in all management levels. First step in France was thus to create a list of interviewees. Next step was to organize the many interviews so the result could be presented to the concern management within two months of project start.

Since the method of analysis was interview based, it created an opportunity of adjusting the themes for each individual interview and to select further employees to be interviewed. This opportunity was used.

A large number of classified interviews were performed – just under 100 – and the gathered material was processed and collected in an anonymous form.

From here a list of suggestion for most pressing interventions was created. This was presented to the management who chose to make it the foundation of the continuing work with the organisation in France.

Following this Claus Erik Christoffersen, who is fluent in French, was brought in as interim leader for the 43.000 man large organisation in France.

Jeff Gravenhorst, CEO, ISS

Jeff Gravenhorst, CEO, ISS


The analysis that was conducted over 2 months with interviews of 100 people in the management of ISS France, led to suggestions of relevant interventions.