Vestas Northern Europe

Satisfied Customers and Employees through Trust and Openness

Satisfied customers are of main importance to the world’s leading wind turbine producer Vestas. Recognizing that this only comes with satisfied employees, Vestas Northern Europe in autumn 2007 took in Claus Erik Christoffersen as a consultant after a change of the structure in our service organisation.

“Following the new organisational changes in autumn 2007, there was a need for a new approach and motivation to leverage the changes. We simply needed to get our highly qualified colleagues already on board to listen to and accept the suggestions for further improvements of the performance.

Claus Erik Christoffersen has done a very satisfying job in cooperation with local service management to reinforce motivation" says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe AB.

Vestas Northern Europe AB has decided to regionalize the service department, meaning that individual service teams will maintain the same turbines. The aim is to cultivate a close cooperation between the customer and the technician thus making both parties more satisfied.

“As an external consultant, Claus Erik Christoffersen is very good at creating the trust and openness which were absolutely crucial to the process that we’ve taken our service department through. Claus is always cheerful and is able to create an inspiring environment, says Klaus Steen Mortensen and adds: “It is clear to everybody that Claus likes what he is doing and he makes others enthusiastic as well”, says the CEO of Vestas Northern Europe.

Klaus Steen Mortensen, President Vestas Northern Europe AB

Klaus Steen Mortensen, President Vestas Northern Europe AB


Analysis of the 400 people large organisation med following process work lasted 7 months and led to significantly higher job satisfaction and efficient anchoring of the new form of the organisation.